Re: My wish list for ver. 6 of ubitx

Dennis Zabawa

Ver. 5 cleverly upgraded previous versions tackling most of the  issues. In any case I would move for a ver. 6 if:
1) separate relays were used at the input and the output of the LPF, to be fully sure I exploit the filters at their potential;
**** Definitely *****
2) add the possibility to add an RX preselector in the chain;
***** No *****
3) AGC
***** Definitely *****
4) RV1 externally adjustable
***** No *****
5) op-amp output for SDR receiver/panadapter
***** No *****
6) switchable RF finals and separate very low power output to drive V- U external transverters without the need of attenuators. 
***** NO *****
Of course I would not pretend to stay in the same price range.

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