Re: ubitx spurs?



visibility appreciated.  it should behave like most v4's.  here is what I suggest --

take some CW data.  as its a different path, we found in measuring dozens of rigs that we tend to get harmonics on 40 and 30 meters especially, about 10 dB out of compliance +/-

then check the SSB data to see if you are getting a similar output power at the audio drive you are providing.  in our group session we have one of those classic HP audio generators that we can vary the audio level to find a sweet spot, and maybe back down just a little.  (we all realize we don't have ALC in the stock design).  many of us have issues on the 3 highest bands especially. 

if you have harmonic issues - one cure is using a daughter board with relays to replace  one side of the filters - it is working nicely in each ubitx that has tried this solution.  others prefer changing the relay - and possibly that might help with the non-harmonic spurs also I am understanding. 

I am confident the harmonic spurs are very fixable.  I am not so sure on the non-harmonic spurs - although my rig is clean now up through 17m on SSB. 

yes good idea to have some before deciding on your display and a matching case. 


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