Re: ubitx spurs?

iz oos

Indeed, they seem almost good results, especially on the 15m band, which was the most critical for spurs. Which version of ubitx do you have? If you use an ordinary (high - pass) tuner, you should be fine on 10m and possibly on 12m too. Thumbs up!

Il 08/apr/2019 10:33, "John Sutter" <jds@...> ha scritto:
I set up to do some SSB testing getting putting about 50Vpp in.
I don't know if I read the right peaks or not, but I looked for
the strongest signal that wasn't a harmonic.

Don't know how I skipped 17m, but that's life.  I'll do it next time.

I've replaced the relays and L5/L7.

Does this look about right or am I looking at the wrong thing?

It looks like no 12m or 10m based on spars or 80m due to harmonics for me at this point.


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