Re: V5 and the poor carrier suppression.

Ashhar Farhan

On v5, the drive pot should be set to half-way. This prevents overloading of the PA chain.
If you overload the PA, it clips the top end of audio while amplifying the carrier. This results in low signal to carrier ratio. A good suppression value is about -30 dbc. Beyond that, the IMD producta dominate.
- f

On Sun 7 Apr, 2019, 4:30 PM Raj vu2zap, <rajendrakumargg@...> wrote:
You could play with different values of C217 to C221 inclusive.
Try 56pf or even 47pf you should get better tone with IF at 11.0555


At 07/04/2019, you wrote:
>Hi folks,
>like others my v5 has got a very poor carrier suppression.
>To fix this, I followed the solution from former topics to vary the  BFO-Frequency.
>I think 11055500 is a good compromise for me.
>Depending on the band, the carrier suppression is between -32 an - 40 dB.
>But the audio is incredible  sharp: - /
>So, I figured out when the IFS is set to higher levels, the audio is clean and nice for my ears.
>Maybe that`s not the best solution, but it helps for the moment.

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