Re: How to connect ubitx microphone jack to soundcard output; now unsuppressed carrier in SSB or digital modes.

Karl Heimbach


I have the v3 board as do you.  I bought 10 diodes from Mouser and installed a replacement (twice) this afternoon.  No improvement and still have the unsuprressed carrier.  I also heated up the pins on T7 to check for a cold solder joint, looked over the entire board with a magnifying glass to see if I missed something.  Loaded version CEC version 1.1 software, recalibrated, etc., without any success.

At the C50/C63 node, I am getting 1.4 mV without the microphone being keyed and 1.2 to 1.5 mV when the microphone is keyed.  I looked very closely at the microphone jack for bent pins and can't see any.

As before the radio works fine on CW and receives well.

Any other thoughts?

Karl - W5QJ

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