Re: Broke it like only a newbie can - Calibration problems

Wayne Leake

 Heads up on a word used.
 tinier means more tiny
 tinnier means more tinny

 Makes it easier for others to know what you meant.
 I know that English, of bout UK and USA are not always understood, and words get confused.

 Regarding OS, I fare prefer Linux, with Linux Mint being tops in my opinion, and Ubuntu second.
 Windows I dislike, especially when they NEVER get all of the bugs cured.
 My newest laptop came with windblows 8.1 installed. I had already used a version of 8.0 for a while, and found that i disliked it more than 7.1, that I have tried. Of Previous versions, I like 2000 Pro, AKA NT 5.0 to be the best. Win 95 lacked USB support, till late, and I did not know about the support being added till recently, when I acquired a bunch of  CD's with 95 with USB support.
 Win 98 was only marginaly better, and I wound up using 2000 till they messed it up on my, by making it mandatory to change password, hence locked me out because I spent 3 1/2 months in hospitals, and came home to being unable to access my computer due to this.

 I do plan to set up one smaller drive I have with windows 7, so I can run some programs that I cannot find or install with linux.
 Sorry about being long winded.
 Wayne WA2YNE

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