Excess µBitx Radios

Terence Taylor

Moderator, feel free to delete if this is not allowed.

I have 3 µBitx radios and to my current thinking, that is one too many.

I would like to offer 2 of them to anyone interested. Both have had the 2 relays in te filter section replaced with the recommended replacements.
One is in the great 3d printed case that DU2RK (this is a version 3 board) did and the other (a version 4, with the typical low receive audio) is in the EF01 case with a Nextion display. Both have the CEC firmware in them.

I would like to get $100 each, plus shipping. I would PREFER to only ship to US addresses.

If you are interested, please contact me direct - n 6 m o n   at  p a c b e l l . n e t.


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