Re: 3,5" Firmware did not fit the whole screen

Laurence Oberman

Hi Frank,
Interesting, how do you update the Nextion via serial.
What do you have to do to the Nextion when sending serial streams.


On Sat, Apr 6, 2019 at 5:57 AM DC8FG <dc8fg@...> wrote:

Ah, ok, mni tnx for your help!

I found a solution from Ted #67572 and it looks pretty good for me - mni tnx for your work Ted!
I think I should familiarize myself more with the configuration of the firmware ...

By the way:

For me it is a bit cumbersome to feed the display with sd-card when it is mounted. So now I use a USB / Serial-TTL-Converter from DeLock. Data transfer takes much longer than using the SD card, but this time is the right time for a big cup of coffee ;-)

73, Frank

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