Re: Broke it like only a newbie can - Calibration problems


Thank you for the reply. This is how I have been tuning (steps 1-5) and I did have it pretty good at first but I didn't realize you had to cycle off to set it. The first night I heard someone from Norway like they were sitting next to me. The next morning things were messed up again and I couldn't even pick up WWV. I was all over the dial trying to pick it up and I think I got way out in the weeds. I did download uBitx manager and put everything back were it was supposed be I got it to where I could understand speech again. I do think it could be tuned in better but I still am not sure what the zero beat should sound like. I have watched a bunch of different videos on it but still not really sure. I don't have another HF radio so I can't use the redundant radio idea. I do tune it more by the musical note and it has gotten me close.

I am am new to HF and building radios (uBitx is my first step in). There is a big learning curve on what to listen for, how to best tune and even propagation. I like this group because even though it is for the uBitx I have gleamed a lot of general radio knowledge as well. The people on here are very will to help out.  

I will try out your suggestions tonight and see if I can get things dialed in a little better and let you know how it goes.

Thanks again for the help


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