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An AVC threshold is a personal preference… what is the loudest volume you want to hear?  The AGC is different.  You want to set the AGC level so that no stage in the receiver chain is over-driven (at the very least)… and lower by adjusting the RF gain.  I’ll post a definitive white paper on the subject of AGC shortly.



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Speaking of agc/avc ...Any suggestions on the threshold level (where it starts to kick in)?


Not seen (may have missed it) any level measurements ...




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 Most, if not all, of the AGC circuits take their input from the high side of the volume control.

 Some control only audio, some control RF input from antenna.

 And the circuits I like control the gain of the fist IF amp, as well as the RF amp in some instances.

 I plane to use the circuit that control the first IF gain, and add another control to the first IF gain. In my case, it will be a BITX20.

 It also has an ouput for an S Meter, which can be an analog meter.


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