Re: AGC/AVC threshold


Speaking of agc/avc ...Any suggestions on the threshold level (where it starts to kick in)?

Not seen (may have missed it) any level measurements ...


On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, 10:32:11 PM PDT, Wayne Leake <wayneleake@...> wrote:

 Most, if not all, of the AGC circuits take their input from the high side of the volume control.
 Some control only audio, some control RF input from antenna.
 And the circuits I like control the gain of the fist IF amp, as well as the RF amp in some instances.
 I plane to use the circuit that control the first IF gain, and add another control to the first IF gain. In my case, it will be a BITX20.
 It also has an ouput for an S Meter, which can be an analog meter.

 Wayne WA2YNE

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