Re: Changing direction - ignition noise intractable #bitx40

Wayne Leake

 To save money, because I am very limited, I'd use a link from a chain, or maybe a rusty quick link.
 Don't care how it looks, just how it works.
 I have all sorts of odds and ends handy.
 I did splurge and bought a case similar to the ones Sunil sells, but bigger. More space, being as the set of boards I bought take up a bit more space.
 I will measure what I have, and actually make paper cut outs to fit on a sheet of paper with the width and depth drawn on it.
 I did that kind of things many years ago, to figure out how to fit furniture I had into a small bedroom.
 Worked out quite well.
 Anyway, don't know if I'd need an alternator filter with my truck.
 Have only run a dual band, or just a 2 meter rig, and a CB that I used while I was moving.
Comes in a bit handy when you are out of range of much of anyone, as well as repeaters.
  I only recall vaguely getting a bit of alternator whine, maybe in the 70's, but not what vehicle it was.
 I have had a lot of vehicles through the years.
 My current main vehicle is a 1983 Dodge RAM250 pickup.
 And I don't recall hearing any alternator whine from it.
  Wayne WA2YNE
Imperial Texas.

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