Re: v5 Alive! (plus my advice, and thanks)



Actually there are three solutions for reducing harmonics -- the missed one is Allison's method of rearranging the relays on the board and moving some traces.  I did this and it reduced harmonics significantly.  On CW it went from 5 out of compliance to 2.  And those two were both the 2nd harmonic which I think could be made compliant if I balanced the biasing of the finals a bit (didn't try that yet).

Also, everyone keeps talking about shielded SMD inductors, but I've yet to see any part number/datasheet that shows these are shielded.  So maybe we should just say "SMD inductors".  It's more likely that it's just their smaller size and thus reduced size of their magnetic field that makes any difference; and anyway, from what I've seen, their use hasn't been tested extensively I think, as I've yet to see any measurements on this change and it's affect on spurs (except maybe Raj?, but I can't find anyone else's).



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