New Wiring Harness Assembly Instructions, Display Protection Circuit.

Jack, W8TEE


Several of you have written me saying that you were having difficulty making the wiring harness for the JackAl system because the directions weren't clear. (I believe the word "sucks" was used once, too!) Fact is, what I wrote does suck and I fear it was as bad as it was because I was "too close" to the project. I've taken a number of steps back and reexamined the documentation and agreed it needed to be rewritten. I have attached the new instructions for assembling the harness and Al has added a bunch of new photos to go with it. I think you will find these instructions much more clear.

We've had two people write to us saying their displays have been "blown". Al has looked into this and corresponded to the manufacturer. While they are saying that their spec documents are correct and that the display can tolerate up to 4V, we're convinced it's a little more sensitive than that to overvoltage.and voltage spikes. For that reason, Al designed a small perf board circuit that clamps the voltage so the display will not be subject to any overvoltage problems. While less than 1 percent of the buyers have had any problems, if you think your power supply might be subject to such issues, Al's circuit will help.

Again, hopefully the new harness instructions are "less sucky"!

Jack, W8TEE

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