Re: QRP kit amplifiers

Laurence Oberman

QRP Amp arrived so about to start looking at my ubitx sacrifice for
this project.
I just want to make sure I got a good summary from all the info in this thread.

Removing the pre-driver and finals:
Does this mean taking output from C84, to the 2n5109 driver circuit
(off-board) that Allison shared. This would be ground and signal
output then into the QRP Amp.

I will start with removing C84 to break the circuit and putting a 1uf
in series input to the 2n5109.

Prior to any additional work will perform a full characterization
harmonics and spurs with a probe at this point and share.

If it makes sense and this works I will work on a daughter board
gerber and make a few up for those interested.


On Thu, Mar 21, 2019 at 5:33 PM Darrell Collins <dcollins338@...> wrote:


If using BFR106E6327HTSA1 to replace all the 2n3904's in the transmit
section, are the emitter resistor values

described in the Wiki still good?

Thank you,



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