Re: Two Tone Generator #two-tone

Ashhar Farhan

The often neglected requirement of a two tone generator is that it should have very very low distortion of its own. 
Let's imagine that you have a 2 tone generator with 1% distortion. This would be considered modestly good in audio work. However, this distortion in power terms is just -40dbc. Effectively, you will not get any useful measurements beyond about -35 dbc.
The modern sound cards on laptops are equipped with 24-bit sound cards that have more than 16 bits of useful range. They can generate very clean audio.
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As mentioned in a previous posts by Farhan and Raj there is an online generator that can provide two tones for testing.
However if you would like to build your own there is an article in the latest QEX by Phil Salas AD5X describing a two tone generator fabricated from two Wien bridge oscillators that are available from Ebay.  I've put together a PDF that describes the generator for those that might want to build one but don't have access to QEX.

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