Re: Shaking my head in disbelief....

Paul Galburt - K2AYZ


I too built a triple 811 linear amplifier (when I was about 15 yrs old). It was grounded grid and the bifilar coil for the filaments was a tricky part - no toroids in those days. It had a surplus roller inductor PI network for antenna matching. Put out about 300 watts on most bands I think.

It did not have a lot of gain, but was super stable, and the glow of the filaments and the mercury vapor rectifiers was great, and all those ceramic plate circuit connectors - I loved that box and wish I still had it.

Ah, the old days - when things glow now, it's generally NOT a good sign :)

This stuff can sure jump start a career - 63 years later I am still at it every day.



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