Re: VK4PP Ultimate uBitx Daughter Board. #parts #ubitx #filters

Nick VK4PP

On Fri, Mar 29, 2019 at 11:59 AM, Kelly Jack wrote:
Perforations to separate the lpf section for a different location if desired??
I could, But the idea is that is plugs in at the front for the Audio connector and then lines up at the back to sit in the same foot print as the original LPF section.

I will align the mounting holes to use the front right main board hole, and then another 2, with easy to drill locations, I am thinking maybe the GND connector of the original(now unused) antenna connector.
and then a convenient/unused via some where on the other edge....

I have basically done all these mods but as separate boards at this stage, and although it works, I think a single board would be much neater, I did even toy with the idea of integrating my RaduinoI2C boar into it as well... well maybe... maybe not...

If i go ahead an produce these in a large quantity, I will do a proper PDF manual with nice build photos. But it will be a few weeks/months till then, I have an unfinished uBitx here that a very patient gentleman is waiting for to be complete....

73 Nick VK4PP

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