PTT no releasing or ?

V4 board, Noticed at uncertain times I heard my auto-tuner going in to a crazy auto tune mode and after a bit it would settle down by the time I got from the living room to the rig. It would only do it once or so in a 5 -6 hour time frame. Then now much more often. Suspect was the auto tuner so today after watching it closely while transmitting on 7.074 it would do its thing but each time I notice the freq. monitor on the tuner was fluctuating around 10.?? mhz. Still suspecting the tuner I swapped out to the manual tuner. Tuned and started to do some ft8, but just as before something would stick the ptt line and the meter on the tuner was pegged both ways... ie off freq. (prob. the 10.00 mhz) thing. I noticed I can stop the runaway by doing mike key or cw key causing the relay to cycle and it would resume normal for a shorter and shorter time till it went crazy again. This seem to say it is not the tuner but something going on with the rig. Please all help, suggestions or directions to where to look or do would be appreciated.

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