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Steve Beckman

There is a small collection of documents, photos, test results, and calibration procedure our club has been putting together at 

73, Steve, N3SB

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My two cents worth:

There are many folks out there that just aren’t content with life so they try to make the rest of us (me too) look lazy.  They are the ones who after a long day at work teach a class, write a book, Elmer, etc.  I have just met another one recently who retired and is busier than ever with the above. We have two of them in our radio club who recently retired and moved to our town and now are talking on major projects in our club.  Love those folks. This discussion just might stimulate one of those folks to write that book about the Bitx and uBitx.  I would pay for one.

Another thought.  Don’t buy a Bitx or uBitx kit unless you have a local guru to bail you out when there are issues (note: I did not say “problems”).  I gave my Bitx40 away to another younger smarter (more educated in the field) ham who is building it step by step and the receiver is now working.  My frustration level at my age is too high so I stick to small kits with Heathkit like instructions..... like the QCX.  I still have the uBitx with a beautiful case that someday I may tackle but the QCX is more rewarding for me.

Nuff sed.  SOMEONE please write the book.    Again, a big thank you to those retired guys who are writing the books on Arduino.... I still am struggling with that but there is hope.  I at least see the tunnel.... the light at the end will have to wait a while.

Dave K8WPE

David J. Wilcox K8WPE’s iPad

On Mar 28, 2019, at 12:23 AM, Gordon Gibby <ggibby@...> wrote:

Thanks, brad!  And that Arduino TNC you clued me in on is really cool.

On Mar 28, 2019, at 00:21, brad martin <emclinux@...> wrote:


My comments were by no means a personal attack so I hope you do not feel as they were.  My comments were about the delivery and the intent of the original message.  As far as I am concerned you as well as most people here are great and helpful.  If I reread your original messages with the later context added in I can see how you were being helpful in trying to start a better documention project.  I probably could have been a bit more surgical in my original reply and if I have caused you any grief due to that I apologize.  Same goes with anyone else that reads this.


On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 11:32 PM d balfour <davesters@...> wrote:
I got my initial ham license in Jan 18 and ordered a ubitx right away. Since then my wife got her license and and we got two more used units. We now have 3 of them All have been down at one point or another. Get out  the brain and fix em.

Have a total of 280 dollars in our 3. Have worked all states with mine on phone. They are not toys but serious radios and work pretty well. I usually get reports about excellent audio quality.

I have told many that they should not have a ubitx, many need the radio that is all put together with all the settings finalized. and a thick manual. If it isn't right you send it back to the store.

The ubitx is not just one that you buy plug in and use. Although my first one was nearly that.

If you are really done with your junky ubitx send me a PM. Let me know your terms.  If agreeable I'll take it off your hands.


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