JackAl Display and Voltage Spikes

Jack, W8TEE


Two JackAl owners have reported that a voltage spike destroyed their RA8875 display. Al has looked into this and found that there is a very narrow voltage window on the display. Buydisplay confirms that 4V on the 3.3V line can ruin the display. From what we can determine, voltage spikes were the culprit in both cases. 

What we're doing is creating a very small PCB that will clamp the supply voltage to the display. Parts for the board will cost less than $2. We will send one of these PCB boards to JackAl owners at no charge with a request and a SASE. We will provide further details when the boards come in and announce their availability here. We are also expanding the documentation and hope to have a new assembly manual by week's end. Again, we will announce it here.

Jack, W8TEE

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