uBitx Easy-Digi Strange Output ?


uBitx Ver. 4 board

Noticed this and repeated several times to be sure....
Using WSJT-X  I noticed the need to adjust the power (Pwr) slider when changing to a clear spot on the waterfall. I then tried this little experiment, click the 1200 tone spot and did a tune to adjust the pwr level for 10 watts out indicate on the MFJ-929, the click on the 1800 tone spot and repeated, this time showing 4.2 watts. Tried several times and these readings stayed consistent.  Should this happen and if NOT does any one have help, advice, or direction to check.

This is how might rig is setup for digital if this might be part of a problem or not..
Internal in an aluminum case with the radio but supposedly shielded is a small five port usb  hub, with the ardunio , sound dongle and the easydigi boards pluged in requiring only one usb connection to the radio . 


Any and all help, support or suggestions welcomed and thank to all on this wonderful group!

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