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Subject: [BITX20] Series rresistor for Raduino 5V regulator #raduino #ubitx

Just starting to wire up my v5 uBitX and trying to solve problems ahead of time. I would very much like to install a series resistor to lighten the work of the Raduino 5V regulator, but can't for the life of me see where it can be easily done (that is, without cutting traces, etc). I have looked through most of the documentation and forum entries but haven't found any details. Could someone point me in the right direction as to how this can be physically done? If it can't be easily accomplished, given my 70+ year old fingers and eyes, I will have to settle for just a heat sink. (Which might not be a bad idea anyway, HI) Many thanks.
... Martin VE3OAT

Hi Martin,
From my experience, you can just mount the regulator on the case (chassis), see attachment.
If you are going to use a Nextion in place of your LCD display, mine required a 3.3 ohm 2 watt
resistor in series with the input, with a 270 ufd cap to ground. Without it, I got a loud growling.
These are so much fun!!
Kind Regards..

Richard Spohn

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