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I'm wanting to mount the uBitx in a small waterproof enclosure.  The uBitx board fits but the Raduino doesn't fit so I'd like to have a cable so I can mount it in the enclosure somewhere above the uBitx because there isnt enough width to fit it.  I have a 3.5" Nextion I also ordered.  My idea is to put a li-ion battery pack Raspberry Pi, etc in the box. I have a 7" touchscreen I'm going to use with the Pi.  The idea is to have a small all in one go box for digital modes.  The 7" touch screen I plan on mounting in the lid of the box.  

Note: I'm a computer programmer so my understanding there is good. My understanding on the electrical side is basic.  I didn't know if there was a reason you couldn't create a short cable from the uBitx board to the Raduino.  I saw posts saying you could extend the display from the Raduino but not the Raduino to the uBitx.  

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019, 04:13 Ted via Groups.Io <> wrote:

That is a nice setup; it isn't necessary to remote the Raduino in order to do that. 
I'm wondering what the OP has in mind.

Original poster: 

Are you trying to remote the stock LCD screen and controls, or, a Nextion  type display & controls?  Theoretically, a 9-wire RS-232 shielded cable will have enough connections to do the latter; I've used a 15-pin VGA extension before, for redundant grounds and  stuff and the Raduino stayed with the mainboard.   Might you elaborate on your project, please? 


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