Re: #bitx20 Ver 5 relays. #bitx20


No need to change uBitxV5 to Axicom relays, does nothing for this board.

I found keeping the drive setting RV1 to 50% the spurs are acceptable
with a higher mic level.. means you will have to talk louder.
Over driving the PA results in unacceptable mess. My board was best
at 8W on 40M as a reference.


At 11/03/2019, you wrote:

I have Axicom relays installed because it was ver. 3 and it was really needed. Ver. 5 is greatly improved and, according to the advertising, should be fine. If you replace them with Axicom you should not go any wrong. But if you feel confident to remove them. I found it difficult, honestly. Another ham said it would have been easy if I had used a wet wood toothpick to remove the excess of solder in the holes.

Il 11/mar/2019 18:08, <Jscook@...> ha scritto:
Just received what I assume is a Ver 5 mother board , shows 06 19 stenciled on board, and it has HFD27/012-S relays. Should these be changed to axicom relays?

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