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Mike Woods

On 12/03/19 1:36 AM, Curt via Groups.Io wrote:

Thanks for all the "hope you are better" comments.  My head wound has healed and the other health problems are receding, so all good at this point.

Curt- I think that we may never get clearer data, unless your larger group build can provide this information!

Gordon's approach with the daughter board (single end relay replacement) may well be easier to effect, but it sounds like it may also be at a slightly greater cost and complexity.  I do accept that removing multi-legged through-hole parts is not always an easy task, especially if you have never done it before.  It would be good if somebody had a video of doing this with techniques for breaking up the existing part, solder flux/wick work and removal of the individual pins.  This may make the task more straightforward for the regular constructor. I have the relays on the bench, but not yet installed. When I get around to doing the replacement I plan to try and make a short video of the repair work.

Many constructors seem really concerned about their rig's compliance.  I think this is probably an unnecessary concern given the power output of the uBITx.  Doing the mods cannot guarantee compliance, but doing both mods is likely to significantly reduce spurs and harmonics bringing it well within the unwanted emissions from a 100w rig.

73 Mike


I suggest that more, clearer data is needed before recommending a particular spurious fix.  The Axicom relays may work if a board does not require a huge improvement - I think this may be why some are not seeing compliance with this solution.  The alternative solution using 3 relays on a daughter board is actually easier for many builders since it has no need to remove relays from the board - but problem is that no one is sourcing it as a kit.  On the 45 MHz fix, I am not sure that replacing two coils is adequate in itself.  We honestly need more data.  Our own local club has a large group build - we can contribute data when we have it on v4.  I don't want the community having a false hope on any particular cure - and also want the community to understand that a sufficient fix is possible. 


Mike Woods

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