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Mike Woods

I have finally achieved the near impossible and cleared the back log of 2800 emails from the BITX20 list.  All posts of enduring interest between 15 December and today have been turned into news items on ubitx.net.

For those who haven't been on the uBITx information site lately, I had a break over the NZ summer - at first because of travel and summer vacation time - then because of ill health.  I had a fall and cracked open my forehead.  It has recovered well, just that slight "gang warfare" look!  You will find posts in December, January and February that were back-dated consistent with when topics were raised on the list.  Enjoy!

With the release of the JackAl and then the v5 Board there has actually been quite a bit of activity this year.

I made some judgement calls last year around the best mods for solving the harmonics/spurs issues on the v3 and v4 boards.  I think these are still valid and represent the easiest way of getting compliance (or near compliance) for your uBITx (see the menu "fix" and then "spectral purity").  I know that there are other mods and these are covered off in the news items.  I suspect most folk want fixes that require minimum effort - hence relay replacement and two replacement surface mount chokes is what ubitx.net recommends.  Other solutions are a bit more involved.

Hopefully all of you are still having as much fun as me at modifying your uBITx.  I have a feeling that there are more mods just around the corner.  Who knows where JackAl will take us, or what new features Ian KD8CEC will throw at us?

73 Mike ZL1AXG ubitx.net

Mike Woods

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