Re: Abandoning my uBitx Ver 3

iz oos

Will the new QSX be sold in assembled boards? O have a Genesis 30-20m I have been building since years. Although they have no SMD having a lot of components is a long process to mount, also the check of each stage takes a lot of time. I found the Ubitx far easier to have it done. The only mod that was not easy was the relays replacement and this was due because they were through hole! If the were SMD I think they would have easier to remove! What I like in this ubitx SMD boards is that components are spaced quite enough to allow easy mods with through hole components just mounted in a Manhattan style. I had mounted through hole kits that were a mess in case I had to replace one single component.

Il 11/mar/2019 02:35, "Joe Puma" <kd2nfc@...> ha scritto:

No reason to stop now, when all is said and done we might be at v20. I got a dollar on it. 😉


Btw, I got a V3 and a big case with the 5” Nextion on the way. Its going in its new home. I think we have the right mods now to tame the v3, so I will be giving it a go soon, I already have some work in addressing some of the problem areas. I don’t have a scope so I can only follow instructions that guaranty a improvement. I could probably ghetto rig my SDR and spectrum analyzer program and get a reference of my transmission.





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There is going to be a V6 uBitx coming up soon? - Rich WB2GXM


On 3/10/19, M0OOZ <geoffcowne@...> wrote:

> Its a shame to give up your built &  fully tested board now?


> Why not buy a V5? Or maybe wait for the new V6?


> May the peace be with you.


> 73




> On Sun, 10 Mar 2019, 16:14 William Cullison, <wa8vih@...> wrote:


>> I am giving up on my uBitx as it's just too much for this OM to try

>> completing all the mods needed to have working and legal radio. Surface

>> mount is just too hard with the incessant shaking of my hands. I can

>> handle

>> winding coils and through-hole components without a lot of issues. I

>> appreciate all the great design and modification efforts that have gone

>> into the radio but it just too much for me. As a receiver it's

>> performance

>> is quite good. I will be offering it for sale in the near future. I'm not

>> sure what all I will include in its sale but anything I won't need that

>> was

>> purchased specifically for the uBitx will likely be included.


>> I will be waiting for the new QSX from QRP-Labs. I built the Ultimate 3S

>> and am very pleased with its performance and feel this is the best move

>> for

>> me. I want to thank everyone for the re-engineering, guidance, and

>> support

>> for here.










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