Re: Abandoning my uBitx Ver 3


Its a shame to give up your built &  fully tested board now?

Why not buy a V5? Or maybe wait for the new V6?

May the peace be with you. 



On Sun, 10 Mar 2019, 16:14 William Cullison, <wa8vih@...> wrote:
I am giving up on my uBitx as it's just too much for this OM to try completing all the mods needed to have working and legal radio. Surface mount is just too hard with the incessant shaking of my hands. I can handle winding coils and through-hole components without a lot of issues. I appreciate all the great design and modification efforts that have gone into the radio but it just too much for me. As a receiver it's performance is quite good. I will be offering it for sale in the near future. I'm not sure what all I will include in its sale but anything I won't need that was purchased specifically for the uBitx will likely be included.

I will be waiting for the new QSX from QRP-Labs. I built the Ultimate 3S and am very pleased with its performance and feel this is the best move for me. I want to thank everyone for the re-engineering, guidance, and support for here. 

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