Re: v5 board original FW

Evan Hand

Thank-you Laurence!

This was not for me, rather for mrjohnac that requested the "FW" for the version 5 uBitx.  I assumed that FW meant Firm Ware, and I added that it was not a straight download, rather an Arduino sketch file that would need to be compiled.

I will look into putting this into the files/wiki sections of the group.  There really is no easy way to find the information, unless you have run into it before (I had saved the link to the GitHub repository when it came out from Ashhar).  Doing a search on either the posts, files, or wiki I did not find the v5 firmware listed.  Same with using the link on HF Signals: sent to the version 4 software.

All this makes it difficult for the newcomer to the uBitx.  What is really needed is someone to take on the task of keeping the site up to date.  I am not sure if there is a single person who takes on this role.  I would think that at least for the basic stuff, like when new versions go into production, that the task would be done by someone affiliated with HF Signals (maybe someone who has it as a part time paid job?).

If I am incorrect in the above statements, then please shed light on where I am wrong, so that others can gain from the knowledge.

Again, thank-you Laurence for posting the .hex files!  It is volunteers like yourself and others that are at least keeping this afloat. Now we need to post the program and process to download it to the uBitx.


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