Re: cannot trust any version or any mod.

Laurence Oberman

I should add that I have not calibrated the V5 at all and that is
using stock firmware, not Ian's beta v5.
I was focusing only on the spurs and so far from an FCC point of view
at first looks it looks OK to me.

I need to spend more time on it but this is what the configuration is right now.

V5 board put into the case I had my V4 in, cover is off
Antenna to a directional coupler input, output to the dummy load
Couple port to Siglent via a 20DB attenuator

Test each band using CW straight KEY and transmit
Check harmonic spurs and see if we have them are they with FCC specs
down from the Fundamental

Have not done any SSB tests yet

At work now so will test more tonight


On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 2:04 PM Laurence Oberman via Groups.Io
<> wrote:

Hi Michael.

Please share your test results when you can.

I have this issue on 20m only in cw on the v4, where I have close
harmonic spurs about 10b down only.
I already mentioned it on list
The rest seem fine all tests into a dummy load witha coupler and
attenuator to the Spec an
I am using a Nextion with Ian Lee's code.

I did swap the V5 this morning and so far all bands look OK to me on
CW into the dummy load and checking on the Spec an.

Laurence Oberman

On Wed, Mar 6, 2019 at 12:30 PM Michael Mitchell
<mitchellmichaelh@...> wrote:

I am almost finished with my uBitx version 4. It has the following:
Nextion 2.8
SDR receiver/panadapter (switch selectable with input grounding relay when transmitting.)
Built in antenna switch for selecting 1 of 3 antennas.
UHF antenna connector for SDR
VHF antenna connector for SDR both switch selectable.
Built in auto tuner.
built in power supply Plus a 5 volt and 9 volt buck supply.
Fuses for everything
Nice case and labeled front and rear panel.

BUT It seems to me there is nothing that make these radios U.S. reliably legal.
I think its time for the company to solve all the problems before selling any more units . Unless I can be convinced that I am wrong I will be selling my radio as soon as I test it.
I think the advertising for the radio is very misleading. It seems that the longer the radio has been produced the more problems appear. NOT what the initial advertising said. If it were possible I would ask for a refund but even a full refund doesnt come close to what I have invested.

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