Re: New V5 with poor carrier suppression.


I beg to differ! Sir, if the carrier is only down by 20dB then its not a question of looking at regulations! It is a strong indication of 'something being rotten in the state of Denmark'

Translated into normal vernacular, something is very wrong with either filtering or/ and the carrier is bleeding through to the finals or drivers or / and there is some kind of other weird problem produced by the firmware and its compatibility with your board. 

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Normally in brand rigs the carrier is down around 40db, in your case seems barely 20db. The question is if there is a legal limit to this. If this is legal anyway and sounds good in both TX and RX then you might choose not to make any changes. Otherwise you should move further a bit the BFO, like 200hz and see the attenuation.

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I should also note that I have turned the power down on the Ubitx to make sure I am not driving the amp with more than .5 watts...


Mike WA3O

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