ubitx ver 4 for sale

Peter Russell <peter.russell@...>

After serious deliberation, I have decided to sell my ubitx transceiver.
I have done Raj's mods - the 45 Mhz filter inductors replaced by smd's, the new filter in front of the second mixer and the 2 resistors have been changed to increase the gain.
I have also added the N6DT agc mod and a TDA2030 audio amp.
It was changing the smd's that did it!
I'm getting a bit too long in the tooth to be able to handle these little beggars, Apart from that, since I retired I don't have access to a spectrum analyser or any other form of sophisticated equipment.
I have enjoyed putting this together - it's rekindled my interest in ham radio, but I do know my limitations.
It comes in a pretty blue (Chinese) box complete with a Nextion 2.8 display.
The receiver works very well and as far as I'm aware, the transmitter is ok, although I've never had the confidence to put it on the air.
I'm asking £80 for it and that will include UK shipping.
Photos available on request.

Peter, G8FWY

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