Re: The PC as a lab instrument

Jim Strohm <jstrohm@...>

On Jun 25, 2004, at 8:34 AM, Hans Summers wrote:

There's also the problem of the "homebrew only" law which rules my station.
We should not look askance at ALL "store-bought" technology. Sometimes, recycled gear is nearly as satisfying as homebrewed, especially if it's recycled from the dust bin.

A few months back, I was challenged to write a book describing how to build a transmitter and receiver starting from ZERO technology. So far, I've outlined sections on how to knap flint, how to make fire with sticks, and how to develop the most rudimentary tools for metallurgy.

It appears that the shortest route to homebrewing a radio station essentially from dirt is to use gold for the wiring ... so far, I've found much more gold in the dust bin than lying about on the ground.


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