update uBITX V3 to V4

richcarter03052 <re.carter@...>

I have a first-run uBITX with the matching case.  I pre-ordered my kit before they were shipping.  The PCB says V3.  I've been very busy for the past year with work. I have some time now and plan to pull it off the shelf and bring it to my bench for updates.  Searching through the various threads related to mods is daunting. The only change I had time to make is a gain change to the mic input.  I'd like information please on bringing my board up to the current hardware release.  As a minimum, I want to flatten the output power across the upper bands.  I've also seen threads about reducing IMD but don't know if this is really necessary.  Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Also, I have aVU3SUA case that I purchased from HF-Signals over a year ago.  It includes a USB jack on the back and a TX/RX led on the front panel but I have no information as to how these might be used. Does anyone have information on a digital interface card that might connect here?

Rich KE1EV

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