Re: What have I done to the receive? Weird screech? #ubitx

Ian Lee


I have confirmed your uBITX settings now. Perhaps you have done Calibration and BFO Calibration in uBITX Stock firmware. I have looked at the area that was automatically backed up (for factory reset) when the CEC Firmware was first uploaded, but the calibration value is also strange.

If it is not a hardware defect and Calibration is wrong, try the following steps.

1.Set USB Calibration value 11055700
2.Set Master Calibration value 100000
3.Click the 'Write to uBITX' button
4.Click the 'Reset uBITX' button
5.Listen to the sound.
6.Add 5000 to the Master Calibration value.
7. Goto step 3

In this way, try up to 160,000. 


On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 3:24 PM Hoshnasi <hoshnasi@...> wrote:
It looks like my radio is a V.5

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