Re: What have I done to the receive? Weird screech? #ubitx

Ian Lee


What is your uBITX version? 
What are the symptoms when using the previous calibration values again?
What is the calibration value now? (Master Calibration, USB Calibration)
(There are differences in default calibration values depending on the version of uBITX)

1. Have you ever upload CEC firmware when uBITX is working normally? If so, do not worry. The CEC firmware saves the uBITX configuration information into backup area on the first upload to uBITX. In this case, factory reset is available.

2.If you've ever installed a Nextion LCD to uBITX and have ever recognized the Nextion LCD's QR-Code on your cell phone, your configuration information of uBITX is kept securely on the server. In that case, you can use the 'Load From Server (Using internet)' button in MM to get calibration information of your uBITX from Server

3.If you upload the CEC firmware after the uBITX calibration problem, please send me your uBITX configuration file.
(MM -> Connect -> Read from uBITX -> Save to File)


If you continue to have problems, please send me your uBITX configuration file.
(MM -> Connect -> Read from uBITX -> Save to File)

On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 5:34 PM Hoshnasi <hoshnasi@...> wrote:
Radio was working fine, however I had a calibration issue so I loaded CEC and connected up MM to set it up.  After getting things set to default for calibration I reset and now I can hear faint noise in the background, but there is screeching blows everything out.  Any idea where I should start to troubleshoot this?  I only have a VOM.

Also, the screeching is consistent throughout the volume setting.

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