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Laurence Oberman

Thank you to Tom and to all who make this Ubitx journey for us the
most satisfying way to participate in Ham Radio
Laurence Oberman

On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 5:30 PM Jerry Gaffke via Groups.Io
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You need to thank Tom for assembling those schematics:

Tom describes the Minima as the first uBitx,
but it was different enough that I'd just call it the Minima.
Here's the description of the Minima, and the mailing list where it was discussed
The Minima had it's issues, few managed to get it to work very well.

The first version of the uBitx was presented here:
and discussed extensively in this BITX20 forum.
It is recognizably similar to what is shipped now, primary change was going to
four transmit LPF's instead of just two, the push-pull IRF510's were not balanced enough
to sufficiently suppress the second harmonic.

The next time a schematic was presented, it was the v3 uBitx.
That is the first uBitx that got shipped out as a kit.

The Bitx40 is worth mentioning.
It came out as a kit in India, early 2016 I believe,
originally with an analog VFO and through hole parts.
Then moved to surface mount parts.
You can read up on how this happened by looking at old posts in this forum.

In December of 2016, hfsignals added the Raduino to the Bitx40,
giving it a much more stable VFO through the magic of the si5351.

Neither the Bitx40 or the Raduino has changed since then.
The Raduino shipped with a new uBitx is the same as one on a Dec 2016 Bitx40
except for a different connector on the bottom and different firmware.

This forum was started back in 2004 to discuss the original Bitx20
from which the Bitx40 design evolved.
There are many many variations on the Bitx20, including several successful commercial kits such as this:

Throughout all of this, it's clear that Farhan is driving for a minimalist design that has just enough
parts to get on the air properly. There are many other designs that may have more features,
but wind up with far more parts. The *Bitx* is ideal for experimenters, giving a starting point.
If you want all those features you can then add them once you have the basic rig working.

And of course, Farhan's projects go beyond HF transceivers:

Jerry, KE7ER

On Sun, Feb 24, 2019 at 01:07 PM, Evan Hand wrote:


Good page to find ubitx schematics. I am sure there will be those who apriciate you effort. As I had stated earlier, this topic was not for my benefit, rather the new to ubitx journey.



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