Re: Any Gerber Experts Round Here? #ubitx #kicad


Hi Ben,

   Thank you for the file upload!  I played a bit with the drill files to see if OSHPark can use the files.  The good news is that their tool list editing tips show us how to combine the two drill files into one.  The other news is that OSHPark's import tool is stopped because the file set doesn't include a board outline file.  Oh well, wanted to give it a shot.

   73, Andy, KG5RKP

On Sat, Feb 23, 2019 at 03:38 PM, Ben Holmes wrote:
Wack me upside the head, should have thought of that ... I've uploaded the files I got... I cannot vouch that it makes a functioning uBitx, I can only vouch that a Chinese vendor used the files and sent me PCB boards.

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