Bitx-40 - Where I Am Today

Pat Anderson

A big thanks to Bob Gass, N4FV, who has very patiently answer my innumerable stupid questions via emails!

The Raduino and the frequency display are assembled with the standoffs. The eight pin cable is attached, and the five pin cable is attached, although since the sixteen pin connection is on the opposite side of the Raduino PCB than the five pin connector, I don't know if I have the five pin cable on the correct end of the sixteen pin connector. See photo attached.The standoffs are attached to the main board and all the cables are plugged in.

I have ordered several other things, like a 10 turn pot, a 3" speaker, a couple of 1N4148 diodes for Q13 protection (the diode package is 100 pieces, not sure what I will do with the other 98!), and the 100 pF 100 volt capacitor for second harmonic reduction ("Minimum BITX-40v3 Hacks"). I will also fuse the positive side of the power in with a 2 amp fuse. Some of this stuff was ordered from eBay and is coming from China, so I have no idea when I will actually get it. My soldering station, matt and third had will arrive from Amazon today.

I spent some time in the wood shop on a wooden case or cabinet of 1/4" birch plywood, but I can see that won't work for the face plate. So I will either figure that out, or more likely, buy a nice custom case from  It really doesn't matter, since I am here in Arizona in an RV park with no antenna until April, so I am really nowhere close to starting to operate anyway.

Now, this may not sound like a lot, and it isn't, but I am MILES ahead of where I was when I first opened the little plastic box and felt a rising panic looking at all the kit parts!

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