Re: ubitx schematic cleanup #ubitx

Evan Hand


First thing is you are entitled to your opinion, as I am entitled to mine.

With that understanding,
1 - At first I was confused on the schematic, and I have passed my US Extra exam, so your assumption on Everyone is off by at least one.  I thought that it was an option to add the second devices in parallel.  I had to ask the question to get the correct answer. 
2 - The diagram is very congested in that area of the schematic.  I had difficulty in just reading the second value of the device, and the pin out numbers were so mixed in with the nonessential wires so as they were hard to read with my 60+ year old eyes.
3 - Though I have not done much in Amateur radio for over 30+ years, I am an engineer and have been dealing with schematics for electronics for all of those years and then some.
4 - The alternate parts are not provided by HF Signals, so not sure why they are even there on the documentation from them.

I appreciate the comments against my idea of cleaning up the schematic (Again thank-you Curt and Ted,  I continue to learn from both of you),  If you are stating that this is common for amateur radio documentation, then I will stand corrected.  In the work that I have done, this type of ambiguity is not acceptable.

I do not appreciate the derogatory comments.  If the intent is to prove that you are better then me, then fine, I concede that point in only the current acceptability of current radio documentation standards, assuming you are correct (still only your opinion at this point).

This is not the first time that I am trying to make it easier for others new to the ubitx journey.  Obviously I had worked out that both parts were not there, or would not have mentioned it.

Again, My Opinions.  I will continue to state them in as reasonable a fashion as I can.  I started a separate thread just so any one not interested can mute the thread, or me individually, if they so desire.  I reserve that right as well.


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