Re: ubitx schematic cleanup #ubitx



thanks for many thoughtful and useful posts here to this list.  they certainly have helped me.  

the 2 different PA's are alternatives (one of our local builders questioned the same thing).  I have no clue why the designer left them there even in v5 -- but it does keep us on our toes.  I haven't researched those caps -but I would imagine there is a place for them in the layout - for those making modifications.  

As you know Farhan I trust stays quite busy - otherwise we would not be blessed to have a ubitx.  What might seem small to us may not fit into his schedule.  

Glad to journey with you.  I hope to report when my ubitx gets measured it passes spurious, and I am toying with a couple of the AGC circuits (I now realize I may have installed them wrong - yes when the style of the schematic, that leaves off the off-board components confuses me!)

73 Curt WB8YYY

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