ubitx schematic cleanup #ubitx

Evan Hand

Not sure who is the correct person to send this to in a private email, so created a new thread for all to see.

When I first started on the ubitx journey, I was often confused by the differences between what was on the published schematic and what was actually provide.  Currently there are 2 that I am aware of:
1 - Q942 and Q952 do not exsist, and I am not sure would work as shown (most times you need some sort of resistor or other feedback to keep 2 parallel active devices sharing the load).  Regardless, they are not there
2 - C210 and C216 also do not exist (though at least they do have a 0 as the value}.

I know that these are minor points, however there is enough things to learn without having to verify that the schematic is in fact what is on the board.

This should not take that much effort, as it is just removing the components from the original and saving a new PDF.

The above are my opinions only

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