Re: Any Gerber Experts Round Here? #ubitx #kicad

Tom, N8TPN

I know that this is an old thread, but it was never clear exactly what the files being converted were for...was this a conversion of the posted M0HYT thru-hole uBitx gerber files?

From the tone of the posts, it sounds very similar to the problems I ran into when trying to get the M0HYT boards fabricated at a PCB vendor.

All the vendors I tried said that there was a problem with the drill definitions.

If these are the files for the M0HYT uBitx, was any thought given to posting them to the files area here so that others could take advantage of the converted gerber files?

I for one would really appreciate getting my hands on gerbers for the M0HYT thru-hole uBitx that are acceptable to the PCB vendors in China.

Thanks and 73,

Tom - N8TPN

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