Help: Up is down and Down is up

SSB that is.
First a little on setup...  uBitx ver.4 board, with CEC Version 1.1 software and 3.5 Nextion screen. 

Inadvertently touched CE tone line to 12 vdc and yes it took out the little  arduino. Luckily I had a spare and replaced and things seem to work. After a bit I notice signals were being received on the opposite sideband than was being displayed on the screen, IE: Had to select USB to hear LSB and LSB to hear USB signals and they seemed to be off a bit in freq. RE-uploaded KD8CEC's software and a previous ver., no change, selected the factory settings and the USB settings changed but as before when writing  to the ubitx there was no change. Unit seems to tx ok, not sure if on freq. or not. In the ubitx manager i shows -1 for the master offset and 0 for both USB and LSB. What should these be? Any and all help, recommendations etc. appreciated..  thanks chuck

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