Re: Released a beta version of the firmware CEC Version 1.12 for uBITX V5 #ubitx

Ian Lee


Thank you for asking questions I did not explain.

Version 1.12 is just a conversion of Version 1.11 to uBITX V5.
It supports both V3 and V4. Because it is the same source.
As you can see from the source below, when compiling, UBITX_BOARD_VERSION determines whether to compile for V3, V4 or V5.
If the function is added to CEC Firmware, it will be added for both V3, V4 and V5 at the same time.

I have one V3 board in use, one V3 board for analysis, and one unassembled V4 board. Since there is no V5 board yet, all tests are based on the V3 board.

image 6.png


On Fri, Feb 22, 2019 at 12:14 AM BruceN <k4tql@...> wrote:
Ian, you may have already answered this and I missed so please excuse this query.

I notice that this release is 1.12 and I assume (bad thing to do) that it is targeted only for V5.  V1.11 appears to be for the V3 and V4.  The question is will your new version 1.12 be backward compatible with V3 and V4?  If not, will any enhancements for the V5 software (new features, etc) be applied to the versions for V3 and V4? If you're going to maintain two strains of software, will it be possible to name the strains differently?  Or, will development on the V3 and V4 versions cease?  Interested because I plan to have both a V3 and a V5 and want to keep both up to date.


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