Latest firmwares for 7" Nextion Resistive Displays

Alex "B2"

Greetings, I am seeking to ensure I have the latest available firmware (.TFT file) for my Nextion 7" Resistive touch display. I have found many different sizes and variants of files aptly named for the 7" display, only to find that some only fill the screen 1/3 of the way or they are apparently for another version or display hardware. I am trying to be aware of filenames to ensure flashing the correct file. I did manage to get one working, but I dont know if its legacy or current. I have a brand new v5 uBitx that I intend to use it with Dr. Ian's 1.1 firmware.

I have this exact display: Nextion 7" Resistive Touch Input Model #NX8048K070-011R.

Thank you kindly!

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