Re: Sweeperino?

Rob Bleumer

Hello Ashar,
Just a few questions about Antuino:
I see C14, C16 and C20 are 1000pF in Raduino they are 0.1uF whats right? I got a Raduino as a left-over after I built the  VU2SPF touchscreen option.
I got a few SBL-1, can these be used in place of ADE-1?
Why are R28, R21, R29, R16, R2 51 Ohm and R26 50 Ohm. Shouldn't they all be 50 Ohm?
I built sweererino before. I took scheme of Razzies website. To get rid of dragons. Could these schemes be joined with thespecan software?
How much and what parts of the scheme should be shielded to avoid hand effects? You got some photos of the prototype?
A lot of questions but the answers perhaps are also interesting for other not so experienced builders as I am.
Thanks for the good work. 

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