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Scott McDonald

Hey thanks Jim, that’s good news for me.

With the amount of time and money we invest in new displays, duinos and even boxes, knowing that a board swap is quick and easy, and not necessarily requiring a computer, seems like a big advantage to me.

And it will be instructive to see what you did with the code.

Thanks again.

Scott ka9p

On Feb 13, 2019, at 6:56 PM, Jim Sheldon <w0eb@...> wrote:

Hi Scott,
Good news - we now have a preliminary version of the BITeensio software working on a V5 board - it was NOWHERE near as simple as everyone was thinking --- Ashhar Farhan is a very sloppy programmer and there were quite a few errors in his USB/LSB frequency selections/offsets ref the new IF frequency.   We believe we have it straight now, but it will take another day or two of testing before we know for sure.

He used an LM386 for the audio amp and they are known to be internally noisy -- this one is no exception, but it's livable and our Passband Tuning allows you to tailor it a bit.

We DO plan on having a menu item that will allow you to select either V4 and earlier or V5 boards so you should be able to switch the board between models but you most likely will have to re-calibrate it between boards for the first swap and again if you move it to a different V4 or V3 board as the crystal filters are all different.  The same would be true if you switch it between several of the V5 boards, you'd have to recalibrate it when you switch the board over so it won't be completely plug-and-play and that's due to the differences in the crystal filter's crystal frequencies.

Jim - W0EB

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Jim, how much work would it be to just add the IF selection and filter switch points as an option in the program so a Biteensio could just be moved back and forth between boards?


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