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Well if you keep your head about you, the harmonics don’t necessarily have to be an issue.  Remember square waves just generate harmonics… and at known locations so trimming a resonate circuit to 7.0 MHz from 7.2 MHz won’t see much of an issue.  It might if you were trimming to a harmonic frequency, but the fundamental will always be higher amplitude.


I like the German DIPIT kit a lot, but at 150+ euros it’s a non-starter.  I’ll see if I can design up something simple (read that CHEAP) that does the same thing.





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Ahh, good point.  Square wave bad, sine wave good.
I guess my 40 years spent in digital design is showing through.

And yes, a good spot for a DDS if you insist on "modern" for some reason.
Don't care so much about spurs 40dB down when checking out an inductor.

Jerry, KE7ER

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Oddly sweperino (570 or 5351 based) works like crap for resonance. 
A DDS powered version works.  Reason Square Vs Sine, those pesky



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